Promoting water conservation, intelligently.
Our devices exceed current EPA standards and are manufactured 
to meet WRAS approval requirements*.
Our devices are NOT water timers. 
Water timers deliver "totally random" volumes of water, that vary hugely with your water pressure, over a supposedly fixed period of time. 
It could be 5 litres in 5 minutes or 50 litres in 5 minutes.
Flostem® devices deliver a known fixed volume of water: 45 litres per cycle with the Shower-smart® and 90 litres per cycle with the Hose-smart®
Delivery times vary with your water pressure. 
Known volume allows you to calculate exactly how much water you use 
and the the cost of the water used.
All Flostem devices are Guaranteed for a period of 12 months 
against manufacturing defects, from the date of purchase**.
*Manfactured to both Material and Product standards. EPA ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1.1
**You will be required to return your device with proof of purchase for testing. If a manufacturing defect is discovered you will sent a new device. 

The Smart-valves by floSTEM®
Our Smart-valves do not need Electric or Batteries... they are "water powered".
Save & conserve water, reduce your carbon footprint = help protect our Environment. 
They deliver fixed volumes of water with Auto shut off & Stop/Start
Fixed volumes = known cost.
The length of time taken to deliver the fixed volume of water is subject to your
local water pressure... Hose-smart® will operate from water butt pressure.
Simple D.I.Y fit without tools, to existing connections.
Single Push button operation.
A must have for any conscientious consumer. 
Less use, less waste, less water

The Shower-smart®
Delivers 45 litres of Water for a 4-5* minute shower.
The Hose-smart®
Delivers 90 litres of water. Will work from a water butt.
* Life style testing conducted at 3.5 bar, Actual shower duration depends on your water pressure.
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